Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plum & Snow

I had another snow day yesterday!  The snow started melting, but I still enjoyed the crisp air and look of winter wonderland at our house.
It's been frigid here and in the teens (and we're in the south!).  Even Ruby is having trouble keeping warm.

Colin had to work, so I was home alone.  To entertain myself I did some knitting (the Hello Kitty socks helped)...

...watched some Netflix with Ruby (well, she slept)...
(Rupert Friend is yummy in this movie, and I really like Emily Blunt.)

...and tested out makeup inspired by this post.
Yes...I'm in my bath robe :) 
Blush & Foundation: Beauti Control
Lipstick: Clinique "Black Lily"
Eye Shadow: Maybelline nude; Beauti Control plums & pinks
Mascara: Covergirl very black

Today I'm back at work and catching up on everything that was supposed to be done on the snow days! Anyone else snowed in?  I saw on the news today that every state except for Florida had snow (even Hawaii!)!!!

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