Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheerios & Zombies

Get ready to talk about two completely different topics!

First of all...I would like to give Banana Nut Cheerios a standing ovation for being everything I hoped they'd be.  I give them a perfect 4 stars for deliciousness and good cheer.  Yay for yummy whole grains!

Insert major change of subject

I am not a zombie girl.  I don't have a fascination with or tendency to lean toward zombie movies/books/whatev.  So it's a wonder why I am about to give two thumbs up to two zombie pieces.

I picked up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies one day at Target when I was getting for a long international flight.  I love Pride and Prejudice and thought this would go one of two ways: 1)total bomb or 2)surprisingly good.  Drumroll, please...
I really liked this book!  I mean like, like, liked it!  I won't say love, but I definitely think it's worth reading.  And there are illustrations!

The Walking Dead television show on AMC has only aired three times so far, so I reserve the right to change my opinion as the season goes on.  But after watching two episodes, it's pretty good.  Again, I'm not a zombies girl, but my husband was really wanting to see this, and we were able to catch two shows in one night.  We might be hooked now.  Warning: it's pretty gory.

Now I'm wondering if I'll be able to eat my Cheerios while watching The Walking Dead.  The crunch of the Cheerios might be too similar to the crunch of zombie body parts...ew!

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