Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Apron with Pockets & Pattern Review

I bought a pattern for aprons several months ago (I mean severallll).  I finally sat down and opened the pattern and cut out the pieces a week or so ago.  Then I finally sat down and started sewing late Monday night.  About an hour later I had this apron!
(this picture was taken right after I made it, so I might look a little tired and worn from the day :) )
The apron has two pockets.  I'm sure they're for stashing m&ms or whatever to munch on while you slave away in the kitchen.
(Note to self: when having a photo shoot, be sure to reposition props-- like the spoon falling out of the pocket!)
You can see the fruit on the skirt, but you can't really see the words that are behind the fruit.  It says things like "pomegranate, apple, basil" etc.  The fabric is even cuter in person!  I splurged a little on this fabric-- it wasn't on sale like most of the fabric I get.

I used this Butterick pattern to cut out the pieces and get started on sewing.
I made several adjustments to the pattern.  See the large picture of the apron with a top?  That's the pattern I went off on (because it had the pockets!), but I took away the top and changed a few other things.  So basically it's not the same apron at all, but hey, make a pattern what you want it to be!

This pattern has several choices, which is great.  I feel like you get more for your money when the pattern is adaptable.  I think I got this on sale for 99 cents.  Watch for sales, and you can get great deals.

My mom and I just opened a booth this week at Angels Crossing Mall.  So if you live around me, come check it out!  The apron will be at Booth 72!

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Anna said...

That apron is too cute. I hate the two aprons we have at home, they're both really boring. And I totally think that pockets should be used to hold M&Ms, what else would they possibly hold?

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