Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craft for a Cause

Introducing: Craft for a Cause Art Bags

Help my husband get to the Philippines!  I'll be traveling to the Philippines for work in the fall.  My husband never travels with me since it's costly, and he'd have to take vacation time.  But now it's all falling into place for him to go!
I'm a videographer, writer, and photographer for a non-profit.  We're going to train people from several southeast Asian countries how to write, voice, and record radio broadcasts in their native languages.  Several of these languages share medical information, such as the importance of mosquito nets, need to see doctors, personal hygiene practices, and more.  They can visit a related clinic to receives supplies and medical attention.  These broadcasts are collaborated with the countries' governments and are changing people's quality of life.  All of these broadcasts also share the Gospel of how Jesus provides life.

My husband will be going to assist me and to help the group as needed.  The trip is expensive, but the mission is huge!  To help raise money, I have created these art bags.  Each bag has a piece of canvas and materials to help create your own piece of art.

Buy a bag and create your artwork and then post it to your blog and link back here AND/OR post it to the flickr group.  Group fun!

Copy the Craft for a Cause banner and link back to this post or grab the code to the right, and it will link back for you.  I would appreciate everyone who passed along the word!

One of the packs!
Each pack is different!

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