Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Easy Peasy Skirt

I made this skirt for cheap cheap!  The fabric was $1/yard from Walmart.  I don't normally buy fabric there, but they had some really cute fabric on sale.  Getting someone to cut the fabric for me took a mountain of patience and repeating "don't get upset, don't get upset" over and over in my head.  I don't know why it's always such a task to get an associate to the fabric department.  Okay, I'm stepping off my soap box now.  My stance and facial expression below are similar to what I looked like buying this fabric.  Moving on...
(Click on picture to enlarge)
I measured the fabric around me twice and then added some-- making about 3 yards.  Yep, I did all that in the store :).
When I got home, I realized I only need the fabric to go around me about 1.5 times instead of twice.  Needless to say, I have lots of fabric leftover and have been making other projects from the scraps (those to come in another post).

I first cut the fabric I needed into two pieces and sewed up both sides, making two side seams.  Then I hemmed the top of the skirt and left enough space for elastic.  I pulled the elastic through and tried it on before I cut the elastic-- you want to make sure you have enough but that it's also pulled tightly enough.

Then I hemmed the bottom of the skirt to the length I wanted (at the knee).

Lastly, I made a belt to hide the elastic waistline.  This isn't necessary, but I thought it cleaned it up a bit.  I sewed a tube and turned it inside out and tied it around my waist.


FYI: The purple shirt was $4 from Walmart.  I almost attached the shirt to the skirt to make a dress, but I thought I'd like to be able to mix and match these pieces to other pieces.
The shoes are Reefs--which are the most comfortable flip flops and they now come in fun designs!
The necklace is from China, so I'm not sure I can help you get one like it :).

I have a feeling you'll be seeing more posts with skirts like this!  I've already bought more fabric to make more!  They easy and quick to make and really comfortable to wear.
Let me know if you make one!  Or if you have any tips on easy to make skirts!


Steph Jacobson said...

I love this skirt. I like how easy elastic waists are (and how well they fit), but I don't really care for how they look. Adding the belt is genius!

Lina Thomlinson said...

Saw the link to your blog from the Make It, Wear It Flickr pool. Your skirt looks great! I have the same problem with buying fabric at WalMart. The last time I wanted some I wound up giving up because the fabric section was like a ghost town. A shame because I know I'm lucky to live in an area with a WalMart that has a fabric section, but sometimes it's just more trouble than it's worth.

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