Thursday, April 29, 2010

Office Inspirations

Who says offices have to be boring?  Not me!
I'm moving into a different office at work and am in the process of packing/unpacking/decorating/rearranging/pondering/rearranging again.  I'll post before and after pictures of both offices when it's all said and done!

In the theme of offices, I've picked a few things from etsy that will jazz up any workspace.
I work for an international non-profit organization, so the theme will have a global flair.

Now, unlike my situation, these items will be picked as though we have no budget and we can have whatever we want!

Clean slate to start an office- American Rustic

A Pop of color- American Retro

Chaise Lounge to keep your guests comfy- Made in Berlin

Throw pillow for couch- Made in India

Illuminated Globe to sit on your desk- Our adorable planet

Art to draw all the colors together (yes, a shameless plug :)- Picture from China

Laptop bag- Made in Guatemala

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