Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Book Wreath Project

I followed this tutorial to make a wreath-- all for $2!  My wreath foam was smaller than the tutorial wreath and was green, and I used a dictionary instead of a novel (all from the Dollar Tree).  One small dictionary made two wreaths with pages left over.  I also folded my pages a little rounder, not intentionally, and used entire pages.  Working with the hot glue gun and trying to keep the pages down was a little tricky.  This first wreath was made with just hot glue.

With the second wreath, I used straight pins to pin in the pages and then placed a small bead of hot glue on top of the pin.  This worked faster and a tad easier.  I tore pages in half for this wreath.

I think I'm more a fan of the first wreath.  What do ya think?  The second wreath went to my mom.  It was her favorite of the two.

1 comment:

Lindsay @ Makely said...

Very nice! I love seeing everyone's book wreaths!

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