Thursday, February 11, 2010


*but don't worry-- all but one recipe is guilt-free!

there are a few recipes i HAVE to share.  there are even some that are guilt-free treats!

first up:
i haven't made this yet, but i'll be making it tomorrow!  we have some friends flying in for the weekend, so it's time for something special.  we'll be eating out a few times over the weekend, but on sunday i'll be cooking lunch.  i'm making bbq in the crock pot and seasoned french fries and salad on the side.  for dessert i'll be serving this: turtle tart from betty crocker.  it looks super yummy and worth the calories!

don't won't to consume over 500 calories in one slice?  hungry girl's recipe for apple cobbler is only 126 calories a serving and i promise it is to die for!  i served it to my husband and parents and they loved it-- my husband had trouble keeping to one serving at a time!  i've also made the apple pie-lets at 103 calories a serving and they were yummy!  i made them for me and my husband on christmas eve, and we took the rest to family on christmas.  they replace those guilty apple pies at mcdonald's.

give me more chocolate!:
these death by chocolate cupcakes are 108 calories per serving.  my coworkers loved them!  my next task is going to be these lava cakes.  i just can't stop!

i have used hungry girl for many fat-fighting recipes including a mushroom burger, onion rings, chicken strips, and more!  i recommend signing up for the email list.  you'll get several recipes and lists of groceries they think you should buy.  they're really helped me transition into being a newlywed who wants to cook almost every night but wants it easy and healthy.

i'm it lunch time yet?!?

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