Sunday, February 28, 2010

The smells of home

i have a small obsession with candles.  i love for my house to smell yummy.  it just feels fresh and cleaner when you enjoy the air you're smelling.  i think smell also helps set a mood and makes your home more inviting.  i like woodwick and yankee and tyler candles and so on and so on.  but today i want to feature my two favorite scents, which happen to come from voluspa candles.  santiago huckleberry comes in a black tin and goji & tarocco orange comes in a red tin.

voluspa advertises itself as "one of the finest burning candles available today.  the fragrances are strong and long lasting, scenting a room long after they are extinguished."  i totally agree!  you can smell the candle throughout the house, it burns forever, and it seriously smells for days after it's been lit.  we've also used the room sprays and one squirt does the job.

i've never bought any voluspa candles online, so i'm not sure the best link to post for reference.  but i have bought them in store at anthropologie and some small, local stores.


***tomorrow i'll be posting a giveaway from my etsy shop, so come back for details!

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